For far too long the Church has been known for what it is against.
We want to be known for what we are for.
We want the people of Pacifica to know that
God is for them and we are for them.

We are


Community Spotlight

We want to show our support for Pacifica by doing a Community Spotlight on a local business, organization or person.

We are spotlighting 25 year old organization, Spindrift School of Performing Arts co-founded by, Alex and Martha Bootzin and led by Executive Director, Amy Cole-Ferrell. Spindrift School of Performing Arts provides many different programs in regards to the Performing Arts. Watch the video to learn about what Spindrift School of Performing Arts offers!

Past Community Spotlights



Sharp Park

Fairway/Valley Mar


Linda Mar/Pedro Point

#ForPacifica was originated by New Life Christian Fellowship for the sole purpose of bringing a positive message to and for our city. Participation and the use of the hashtag does not imply any relationship with the church. Businesses and organizations that participate are those run by or owned by Pacificans and those committed to bringing benefit to the city and its residents.

How does #ForPacifica work?

Use the hashtag: #ForPacifica
on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
when you want to support or show you are for Pacifica.

For example:
- Attending a beach clean up
- During an event like Fog Festival
- At a surf contest
- Serving at a food bank
- Running a 5K
- A beautiful picture of scenic Pacifica
- Just spending time with friends

Take a picture (hopefully with your #ForPacifica t-shirt on!)
and use the hashtag when you post it on social media.

When you use the hashtag it will be labeled and grouped in the
#ForPacifica converstion.

Our hope is that every post will show that we are FOR Pacifica.
We want everyone to show their positivity and love for Pacifica
and the wonderful people that live in this beautiful coastal town.

How do I get my own #ForPacifica T-Shirt or Sticker?

Contact New Life at:
email: newlifepacifica@gmail.com or call: 650-355-6404

A staff member will get you a shirt and sticker!

At New Life Christian Fellowship we are #ForPacifica